Monday, February 8, 2016

I know you were all anxiously awaiting a blog post on Friday with a weight loss number for the week, but I didn't post one.

From the "believe it or not files", when I got on the scale on Friday morning (at 3:45 AM!), the battery was dead!  So I don't know what my number was!  And there was no way that I was searching for the replacement battery at that hour.

I had to get on the road for what was undoubtedly the scariest driving experience I've ever had!  There was driving snow and no lights on the road.  If being scared makes one lose weight, that trip would have taken 50 pounds off of me!  We obviously did get to our destination in 1 piece, albeit MANY hours later!

The scale now has a new battery and there WILL be a Friday posting this week.  (although I'm a little afraid because I wasn't the world's best dieter this past weekend!)

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