Saturday, January 9, 2016

Let the mental games begin!

Everyone's approach to dieting, exercising, etc. is different.  I sort of play mental games with myself.

Let's look at last night's dinner event.  As most people know, Chinese food is a Friday night ritual for my family.  But I have to make it work so that I don't gain 12 pounds from one dinner, including all of the water retention that goes hand in hand with Chinese food!

Usually I take a few pieces of chicken and a couple of shrimp and put them over my pile of rice.  I would cut the shrimp and chicken slices in half and eat it with a heaping spoon of rice.

Last night, I took a spoonful of rice, 1 piece of sliced chicken and 1 shrimp.  I cut the chicken and shrimp into many small pieces and mixed it in with the rice and spread the entire thing over the surface of my plate.  It made me feel like I had a whole plate of food!

Mental games.  But that works for me. 

Enjoy the weekend kids!

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