Monday, January 18, 2016

Why does everything revolve around food?

"What should we do today/tonight?"

Pick almost anything and there is food involved!  Dinner, a movie, hanging with friends, etc.  Can you really do any of those (especially dinner!) without food of some kind?

The key is not to be near dangerous food!  For me right now, I will have to stay away from the mall because any trip to the mall involves a stop at the Auntie Anne's counter for some kind of pretzel nuggets.  For those who are interested, my favorites are the cinnamon sugar ones, which no doubt have an entire week's worth of fat and calories for a week in that innocent looking cup!

It's all about self control.  If you can't exercise it, then stay away from the things that trigger you.  Right now I have to stay away - in time I will have the self control.

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